Agredolç Solera 1958


A perfume of Garnatxa (Grenache) vinegar. Aromas of dried fruit and nuts, almonds and hazelnuts and dried fruit such as dates, dried apricots and figs. In the mouth, its fine acidity accentuates its perfume.


Made using 1958 “soleras” or lees which were inherited from the Barril family, former owners of Mas d’en Gil. This is an intense vinegar, full of nuances and very complex, with a suggestive balance between its acidity and sweetness. We call this vinegar “anthropologic”, as it displays an ancient connection which excites all old-style vinegar enthusiasts.


How it is made:

First of all the acetic bacteria are activated. We keep back the wines which have not been selected to be part of our line of bottled wines as they do not reach our quality levels established by the family. These tend to be mainly of Garnatxa (Grenache) and Carinyena (Carignan). When they reach a certain level of acetic acid, the wine is put into 225 Litre barrels where they are aged for a minimum of two years. After this time has passed, they are partially mixed with the “solera” from 1958 and concentrated grape must is added to balance out the acidity and to achieve a good contrast between the acidity and the sweetness of the vinegar.

Grape Varieties:

Grenache and Carignan.


250ml and 500ml

Food Recommendation:

Perfect for vinaigrettes and salads, in reduced sauces and to add flavour to Gazpacho (cold tomato soup), other cold soups and baked fish.

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