The balance of an agricultural estate

Preserving the biodiversity of this agricultural site is one of MAS d’en GIL’s fundamental objectives

The holm oak to the east and the pine forest to the west are green lungs that contribute to the biodiversity and at the same time bring freshness to the estate. At the southern border, the Molinos ravine (ravine of the windmills) channels the air and refreshes the LA COMA valley and, at the same time, acts as a corridor for aerial fauna. The vineyard shares the place with the centuries-old olive, almond and hazelnut trees. The result is a beautiful agricultural mosaic from certified organic farming.

Biodynamics, introduced in 2008 by the fourth generation of the Rovira family, revitalizes soil, brings health and balance to plants. The wines increase their aromatic complexity on the palate, and they awaken their identity. The wines must reflect the natural landscape of an estate that we are trying to understand as a living being, as an agricultural unit that seeks to keep the soils healthy and balanced with the native flora and fauna.