Nus vi dolç (a sweet red wine)


Mas d’en Gil’s liquid chocolate. This is our sweet wine made with Garnatxa Negra (Red Grenache). It offers notes of ripe fruit and a luxurious sweet palate. The finish contrasts with some acidity and freshness which invites one to have another glass.


Nus is aimed at recovering the old Priorat tradition of making sweet red wines with Garnatxa Negra (Red Grenache). It is made with grapes sourced from five different vineyards on the estate and its name alludes to the fusion or “link” (“Nus”) between these five wines. The grapes are allowed to dry, some still on the vine and the great majority on straw mats in the sunshine. The wine was made for the first time in 1999 after eight years of trials until we reached this final blend.


Grape Varieties:

MainlyRed Grenache


Llicorella. (different types of slate)


18 months in 60 Litre barrels.
Bottle aged for 12 months approximately.



Food Recommendation:

It compliments red fruit such as strawberries to accentuate the wine’s acidity or peach dishes which are typical of the Priorat region. It goes well with desserts or chocolate with a hint of spice like ginger or red pepper. Another option is with blue cheese such as Cabrales, Stilton or Fourme d’Ambert. It also goes well after dinner as guests linger at the table.

Serving Recommendation:

We recommend you serve this wine at around 12 °C in a Burgundy style wine glass, which allows you to first appreciate the nose and then the taste of this wine.

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